As an artist who has experimented in various mediums, I find the sense of discovery and play that comes with collage to be immensely gratifying. In this medium, a fair amount of the process and end result are left up to chance. The colour palette I choose may be planned, or it may be determined by what I find flipping through a magazine. During a studio session, I could find an image that could take the piece into an unexpected direction. This unknowing is what keeps attracting me to collage and what ultimately motivates me to make art. 

Collage has always been a medium associated with lowbrow and popular culture and has long been a method of informing an idea through materials. I like to mirror the overwhelming media presence in the world, by thoroughly constructing images out of collaged magazines, advertisements and comic books. This meticulous process lends itself to the ways in which we are inundated with consuming and following trends, celebrity news and social media to excess.